• Our young and experienced team of interior design specialists at Urban Habitat Design brings together a rare fusion of skill and passion to every project we undertake. From vision and concept design to project management and fulfillment, we offer high-quality, cost-effective interior design services to commercial and residential clients across Singapore. Our business model is:
    • Client focused - We treat our clients as team members, and not as "billable" time!
    • Personalized - Cookie cutters don't cut it for us. Each project is unique and customized to our client's needs!
    • Solutions based - Where we look for practical yet innovative solutions to each unique challenge!
    Whether it is to transform your office in the Central Business District of Singapore into a place that inspires and motivates your team to excel at what they do best; or whether it is about morphing your showroom into a cozy inviting place that makes your customers feel welcomed; or turning your living room into a vibrant family-centric living hub. Our dynamic design team will leverage its diverse experience to meet and even surpass your expectations.
    We are constantly recalibrating our business operations to add value to our clients. If it's unique, creative, personalized inter design solutions you are looking for - then you've come to the right place!
  • Passion is the central building block that our team brings to every interior design project that we work on. Our mission is to infuse life and energy into each space that we help to transform. We are committed to using our zeal to fuel the inspiring creations that homes and businesses all over Singapore have come to expect of us. And we do this by:
    • Listening to our customers!
    • Never compromising on quality!
    • Always striving for personalized solutions!
    • Forever striving for perfection!
    By offering inspirational and innovative interior design solutions to homes and businesses across Singapore, we believe we can make a positive contribution in the lives of our clients, their clients and everyone that is touched by our creations. Ours is a self-inspiring mission. We strive to inspire our clients to think of unique interior design creations to satisfy their needs. And in turn, we are inspired by the creations that we deliver to our clients!
  • Keeping true to our mission, our vision is to become the go-to destination for our residential and commercial clients' interior design needs across Singapore. While others may struggle to achieve superficial aesthetic perfection, we envision a fusion of visual appeal with practical realities. Our vision is to:
    • be able to transform homes and businesses across Singapore into vibrant, pulsating hubs of work, play and relaxation
    • offer unique solutions to our clients that considers the interplay of all elements within the space we transform
    • create transformations that are centered around the practical while being inspired by the abstract
    Ultimately, our vision is to be able to fulfill your vision of transformation through creative, cost-effective and realistic interior design solutions.

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  • It is really a breath of fresh air to have found and worked with Urban Habitat. They really know how to make you feel you are in good hands.
    Neo, Manager
  • Looking for a good agency to explain my concept is already a daunting task, let alone expecting them to understand. Urban Habitat did all that surpassing all expectations.
    Chu Yi, Interior Office
  • The level of service was excellent. The team from Urban Habitat was very responsive. They also listened to our inputs and integrated them into the overall design. Their project manager Tony provided experienced coordination and delivered the project to us on a very tight timeline. The Victorian theme that we liked can also be seen intricately from the carpentry works. Kudos to the team at Urban Habitat : )"
    Jeremy Tan, Director